Who offer payday loans without checking databases

Find out about online check-ups given without verification in BIK databases – most of them are available for free as part of the first loan.

When do we often reach for a second? Mainly when we are looking for a large loan that we could pay off quickly, but also when we can not get the cash we need in the bank and we are looking for a minute without checking in BIK. Which companies can offer us such short-time loans, where credit history in banks will not be so significant on the way to obtaining a loan?

I have been observing the market for non-bank loans for many years, precisely from the moment when Nominent appeared on the domestic loan market. I must admit that more and more companies in this sector verify their clients’ data in BIK databases. On the other hand, it does not surprise me especially because the competition in this market is once again greater. Loan companies that are fighting today for the client, want to take care of their image and provide loans to proven clients. To those clients who will not have a problem with the repayment of the loan. What, however, if we want to reach for a moment, mainly because we did not get it in the bank? Where can we find such breaks that are available without BIK?

Not all companies providing payday loans carry out verification in BIK databases. Let me just remind you that until recently these databases were reserved only for banks. There are still new companies on the market that offer payday loans without checking at BIK. I decided to check which companies will give you time, if your credit history in this database is not too colorful.

Companies providing payday debts without checking in BIK databases

Companies providing payday debts without checking in BIK databases

MetLoan – I will start with the two oldest companies that provide payday loans without verification of BIK and the first one is Netredit, one of the first companies that appeared on the payday market. Currently in the company’s offer the first minute up to PLN 2,000 is completely free, provided that the loan is fully repaid within 30 days. Regular MetLoan customers have the option of reaching a maximum of 5,000 zlotys.

Cash fast – another veteran who has been operating in the payday market without BIK for several years. The company’s offer is mainly small loans up to PLN 1,500 with a repayment period of 15 or 30 days. Similarly to MetLoan, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the first payment for PLN 0, of course, provided that we pay back the entire loaned amount in a timely manner.

Manyporfel – the company specializes in providing non-bank online loans with a short repayment period. What distinguishes this offer from other online payday loans is the opportunity to take advantage of the extended repayment period, which can be as much as 45 days. The first loan of up to PLN 2,000 for new customers is completely free, the limit of subsequent loans can reach up to PLN 5,000. The company allows you to get a minute without transferring a penny, thanks to a special Instantor application that will connect to your bank account for additional verification.

Eicredit – a loan brand belonging to the Crediter group which, for now, also provides Internet payday loans without BIK. The Eicredit loan offer is available to people over the age of 18, a sensitive group that most often has a problem with obtaining the cash needed by the bank. The limit of available payday offers in the company’s offer is PLN 3,000, with no promotion available for new customers reaching for a loan in the company for the first time.

Hillarium – one of the oldest offers on the Internet payday market, which allows new customers to borrow up to PLN 1000 completely free with a repayment period of up to 30 days. Regular customers of the company have the opportunity to take advantage of larger amounts of loans. The limit of subsequent pay-offs can reach up to PLN 4,000. The maximum limit, however, is only available from the 6th row of loans.

New companies providing payday debts without bikes

New companies providing payday debts without bikes

FreeDaypay – one of the newest offers on the internet payday market without checking BIK. The offer allows you to get payday loans up to 5000 PLN and the first pay-off is available for free for new customers. FreeDaypay loan offer belongs to a group of loans available for people from 18 years of age.

Wacashe – the last company in today’s ranking which verifies potential clients via debtors’ registers and also provides internet payday without BIK. As part of the first minute, we can borrow a break of up to PLN 1500 for free, and for subsequent loans, reach up to PLN 5,000 for a few minutes.

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